Become the Optimal You with Counseling & Performance Coaching Services in Omaha, NE

Focus Therapy & Performance Coaching is a practice located in Omaha, NE, and is centered around helping you become the optimal you. Focus has seven Licensed Clinicians that have numerous years of expertise in the clinical field.

Becky Meline, Luke Olson & Tim Bennett have a Sports Psychology Certification and specialize in helping athletes reach peak performance by helping them overcome mental blocks and barriers to reach optimal performance.  For athletes that don’t experience these barriers, mental skills can be taught and improved on, to help the athlete gain more control over entering a flow state more consistently in their performances.

Clinical Counseling Services

Located in Omaha, NE, Focus clinicians have a wide array of training in Evidence-Based Practices so that clients receive the best care for their presenting symptoms.  Some of our specialties include:



Post-Partum & Maternal Health


EMDR Trauma Therapy

Evidence-Based Parenting Interventions


Energy Psychology

 These techniques and clinical intervention can help anyone wanting to beat the voice of self-doubt, anxiety, depression and gain mastery in life to become the optimal you.

Sports Psychology Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is not therapy.  We help athletes find an edge.  The mental side of sports is the most underutilized and undertrained aspect in competition and is arguably the most important.  We work with athletes to identify limiting beliefs and mental blocks that cause a loss of confidence, composure, focus, and enjoyment in sports. What you might see:

**Your athlete has lost interest and wants to quit their sport

**Your athlete plays well in practice but underperforms in competition

**Your athlete is easily frustrated or cries often in sports

**Your athlete gets angry and reacts in a way that embarrasses you

**Your athlete is coming back from injury & fears getting hurt again

**Your athlete struggles to handle pressure & expectations

Focus has three Certified Mental Game Coaches who use cutting edge and leading theories in Sports Psychology such as mindfulness, Energy Psychology & EFT to maximize performance.

Performance Coaching has also been applied to leaders, professionals, business owners and recreational athletes to overcome barriers and enhance performance.

If you’re interested in overcoming self-doubt, internal criticism, or anything else preventing you from living at your optimal level– Please contact us today!